Frequent asked questions

What does the Gold Pass and Gold&Silver Pass include?

The GOLD PASS grants access on Sunday (only for the race day). The GOLD & SILVER PASS grants access on Sunday and Saturday. Both passes allow entry to the circuit and VIP pass holders of both hospitality categories benefit from the same amenities and VIP services.  

Can I make purchases without being registered?

No. The customer cannot make purchases without being registered in the website. Registration allows you to access your profile and update your personal data.

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What is the currency exchange applied?

Our prices are shown and charged in Euros. Your bank will do the currency exchange.

How do I purchase VIP Passes?

If you would like to purchase VIP Passes from the MotoGP VIP Village™ website, the process is very simple:

1. Select the Grand Prix and the VIP package you would like to purchase and CONTINUE.

2. If you are not logged in - Log in or Register by entering the personal data information requested and accept Terms&Conditions and Purchase Policy.

3. Once you are logged in - complete the requested information (Delivery Information and Invoicing details) and accept Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

4. Proceed to payment and submit the payment.

Credit Card: you select to pay your VIP passes by Credit Card, please, complete payment information and submit the payment. Once the order has been fulfilled, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Bank Transfer: when you choose this payment method, you have 72 hours to make a bank transfer and send us a copy of your receipt of transaction to confirm the reservation and guarantee your passes.

I have problems purchasing tickets

One of the reasons for transactions failures is getting a refusal from your bank. We kindly suggest you contact your bank in order to authorize online transactions from www.motogpvipvillage.com or maybe you can try it with a different credit/debit card if you experience problems with this.

Sometimes you are required to add a security code. If you do not have this code, please contact your bank. Remember that it is important to have all fields filled in, in order to proceed to "Make Payment".

Display Name

The VIP Passes are not personalized, so the VIP passes can be printed with any name (12 characters maximum).

Can I make purchases for more than one event with the same shopping cart?


Changes, Cancellations & Refunds

All and any cancellation shall imply at least, a cost of 10% in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.

Corporate Area:

- More than 60 days prior to the event: 10% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.
- From 60 to 45 days prior to the event: 50% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.
- Less than 45 days prior to the event: 100% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.

MotoGP Lounge:

- More than 45 days prior to the event: 10% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.
- From 45 to 30 days prior to the event: 50% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses.
- Less than 30 days prior to the event: 100% of the total amount will be kept by IES in exchange of IES’ administrative expenses need to be printed.

If you are not finally able to attend to the Grand Prix, please, bear in mind that your pass can be used by another person. Your ID or Passport will not be requested at the entrance of the VIP Area.

Sales are not opened

If VIP passes for a specific Grand Prix are not yet available for purchase on line, we kindly suggest you subscribe to our mailing list and contact motogpvipvillage@dorna.com for that event so that we can inform you as soon as sales do open and help you personally.

Delivery Methods

The passes are always complimentary sent 2 or 3 weeks before the date of the event by Courier. There are no extra charges for the shipping and handling of passes.

If you will not be at home during the delivery dates, please send an email to motogpvipvillage@dorna.com and provide a new picking up point.

Can I change my delivery address?

You can change the delivery address using the Login/Register section. If your order has already been processed, please send an email to motogpvipvillage@dorna.com providing the new one.

What if I'm not at home when my order arrives?

The carrier will make an attempt to deliver on the following next day and if you have any questions about your order, please contact to motogpvipvillage@dorna.com

Which countries do we deliver to?

We deliver everywhere around the world except Russia and Argentina. Other countries can be successtible of problems for shipments. We will contact you if we detect so.

I have not received all the items which I purchased.

In case that the package received does not correspond to your purchase details, please contact to motogpvipvillage@dorna.com

I have lost my VIP Passes before the date of the event.

In case you lose your VIP passes before the date of the event, please contact tomotogpvipvillage@dorna.com and provide us all your purchase details.
We will delete the ode of the passes lost and we will produce and send to you new ones with no extra charges.

How can I stop receiving email communications?

When confirming your order, you can choose whether or not to receive commercial communications from us. If in any case you previously chose to receive communications, and now want to stop receiving them, you can log in to MY ACCOUNT and unsubscribe.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

Different types of payment can be used in our online store:
Credit Card: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB.

Wire transfer: You need to transfer the amount within a maximum of 3 working days quoting your order number in the payment reference section. You can send the proof of payment to the following email address motogpvipvillage@dorna.com


Plaza Ruiz Picasso 1 (Torre Picasso)
28020 Madrid - España
Account number: 0108-0030-26-0030061129
IBAN code: ES1101080030260030061129
Swift code: SOGEESMM

Once we receive the transfer your order will be officially reserved.
PayPal: Pay with your PayPal account or by credit / debit card quickly and safely.

Is it possible to change my email address or password?

The system does not allow changing your email address by going into MY ACCOUNT. In case you would like to change this personal data, you should register in our website once again.
Notwithstanding, you can change your password by going into MY ACCOUNT.

I have lost or forgotten my password. What should I do?

You can request that your password be resent to you by going into the LOGIN and clicking “Forgot your password?”


MotoGP Lounge:as a VIP guest, you will be automatically seated in this room if you are an individual or a small Corporate party (petitions under 50 VIP Passes).

Otherwise, all petitions over 50 guests will be located to a Corporate Area. Please contact motogpvipvillage@dorna.com to be informed about how to contract a Corporate Area.

Corporate Table: Groups with a minimum of 10 people can make use of a corporate table, displaying the logo of the company or organization. In case your petition is over than 10 VIP passes, you should provide a logo or name to signage the table.


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