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Personalization is the key to making your event a success

Your MotoGP VIP Village™ Corporate Area will be fully equipped to cater your event to a high standard of quality and the utmost confort.

You can select the most appropriate service from a range of options to personalize the interior of your Corporate Area.

  • Exclusive dedicated room.
  • Exclusive catering and bar service.
  • Brand Signage: Company name and logo can be applied to the VIP passes as well as to external signage outside the corporate area.
  • Matching tones: Carpets, tablecloths and floral arrangements can be tailored to the corporate image.
  • Flat screen monitors: Showing exclusive Dorna footage.
  • Interior furnishing different options.
  • Interior panels will cordon off your area from other Corporate Areas.
  • Private outdoor furniture.
  • Decorative plants.
  • Dedicated passes for personnel and corporate staff.

Note: For specific information to personalize your Corporate Area or create a private event, please contact the Corporate Hospitality Sales Department at


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